Do you want to boost your performance through ? Do you need help with your recovery after sports or injuries? Discover Algorigin natural solutions.


Nutrition before, during… and even after

Do you want to boost your performance through an improved and balanced diet? Do you need help with your recovery after sports, exercise, or injuries? If so, then algae and microalgae supplementation is just what you need!

Preparation for sports and exercise happens not only before and during, but even after your workouts and competitions.

Before and during physical activity, the right amounts of vitamins and minerals will help ensure optimal performance. However, special attention must also be paid to your recovery period.Particularly recommended for improved recovery is a proper intake of amino acids and anti-inflammatory substances. The body also has mechanisms in place for repairing damaged tissue when one is injured, particularly calling upon stem cells that are already circulating – or, in the longer term, thosethat are stored in our bone marrow.


Algae – a natural, effective solution for athletes

Thanks to its richness in vitamins and minerals, as well as the complete proteins it contains, spirulina helps maximize the micronutrient stocks that are indispensable to great performance.

Phycocyanin, which is particularly well absorbed when taken in liquid form, acts in a similar manner to EPO (erythropoietin) to increase the number of circulating red blood cells, thus increasing muscle oxygenation – another important factor in athletic performance.

The DHA omega-3 found in Schizochytrium sp. and phycocyanin have anti-inflammatory properties and are particularly recommended for recovery.

AFA Klamath promotes the mobilization of stem cells shortly after being taken, enabling an increase in the amount of such cells circulating. These are then integrated into the damaged tissue, where they multiply and differentiate into other kinds of cells – such as bone cells if a bone is broken, or muscle cells when muscle fibers are torn.


Summing up:

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