Do you live in a polluted environment? Do you smoke ? If so, then there’s a good chance you’ve been exposed to toxins. Find out algae recommended for you.


Rejuvenate your body with algae

Do you live in a polluted urban environment? Do you consume lots of fish? Do you tend to eat too heavily? Do you smoke? If so, then there’s a good chance you’ve been exposed to particularly high levels of toxins.

Both one’s environment and one’s diet can contain high levels of toxic substances (e.g., tobacco, heavy metals, pesticides, particulate matter, etc.)

Even people who are extremely careful about what they eat (for example, by choosing organic products) are in constant contact with such substances – sources include fatty fish consumption, big city life, or even just the toxic substances that enter our homes. All of this makes it very important for us to regularly detoxify our bodies.


Algae – a natural, effective solution for regular detoxification

Thanks to its high chlorophyll content, Chlorella can help eliminate toxins. It attaches itself to heavy metals in both the intestines and the bloodstream – and then helps remove them from the body via urine and feces.

Chlorella may be taken in large doses when intoxication has taken place (e.g., excessive consumption of large fatty fish, work in particularly polluted environment, dental amalgam replacement, etc.) or to help prevent this from happening where a high risk exists. Consumption of chlorella presents no risks.


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