Do you suffer from allergies in the springtime ? Do you always get sick in the wintertime ? Find out which seaweeds are recommended for your immune system.


Boosting your immune system

Do you suffer from allergies in the springtime? Do you always get sick in the wintertime? If so, then you definitely need to boost your immune system.

Our immune system is in a constant state of alert – ready to fight back against any attacks on our body. Whether its bacteria or viruses, an open cut or any other skin wound, or (for some people) simply high levels of pollen in the air – these situations all require some sort of response from our immune system. And if we want to avoid being ravaged by diseases, then this system constantly needs to be operating at its best.


Algae – a natural, effective solution for boosting your immune system

Phycocyanin, the blue pigment in spirulina, is an excellent immune system modulator that is particularly effective when taken in liquid form. It is capable of boosting the immune system when needed – such as during outbreaks of contagious diseases. Yet it is also capable of relaxing the immune response in the event of allergic reactions – such as those experienced by sufferers of seasonal allergies. In order to be absorbed by the body, the phycocyanin must first be extracted from the spirulina.

AFA Klamath promotes the mobilization of certain immune cells and stem cells – the latter of which are necessary for repairing tissue injured by a cut, for example, which represents an “open door” for all sorts of infections that would normally be blocked by the skin to now infiltrate it.

Summing up:

  • Phycocyanin boosts immunity against contagious diseases
  • Phycocyanin also limits the occurrence of allergic reactions
  • AFA Klamath stimulates the production of immune cells

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